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Great challenges need great settings. Walk, jog or run the Isle of Wight's coastal path.

Along the southern cliffs, past the iconic Needles and onwards in a full island loop. Choose from the full 100km challenge, 50km half challenge, or even a 25km quarter distance option, with full hospitality and support, including food, drinks and medics.


Date: 30 April - 1 May 2022

Event Type: Trekking, Walking and Running

Location: Full challenge: Isle of Wight - Half challenges and quarter challenges available

Distance: Choose your challenge: 25km - 100km

Fees: From £10

Isle of Wight Challenge

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How to enter

Choose your funding option

Option 1 – Charity Sponsorship - Pay a small registration fee & commit to fundraise for a charity of your choice. Fees from £10 - £30 plus a commitment to raise funds for us*

Option 2 – Mixed Funding - Pay half your place, & fundraise a smaller target for your chosen charity. £45 - £110 plus a commitment to raise funds for us*

*minimum fundraising target applies - please visit Ultra Challenge to learn more.

Choose your charity and start fundraising

Remember to select the Marine Conservation Society from the drop-down options when signing up. You will receive a confirmation email detailing how to set up a JustGiving page.


All sponsorship goes direct to the Marine Conservation Society via your online JustGiving page. At least 50% of the sponsorship target should be with us by 3 weeks prior to the Challenge. Failure to meet the deadline may result in cancellation of your place. The remaining 50%, and any extra, should be with the Marine Conservation Society by 4 weeks after the Challenge.

Isle of Wight Challenge

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