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Meditation is a method of focusing the mind, and there are lots of different types and variations. This meditation will be guided, meaning there is a voice to direct you throughout. It’s suitable for complete beginners or advanced meditators.

Before you begin

Before starting the meditation, write down the percentage of worry, fear or guilt you feel when you think about the ocean. Don't overthink this, just the first number that comes to mind! For example, 70% worry, 20% fear, 10% guilt.

You will need:

  • Somewhere quiet and comfortable, with minimal disturbances. If you're listening in a group, try to make minimal noise or movement until everyone is fully present back in the room.
  • Something to listen to the meditation on, like a speaker or headphones.

Time taken:

The guided meditation is seven minutes long. The follow-up activity could take between five and 20 minutes, depending how long you want to spend on it.  

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Credit: Billy Barraclough

The activity

If it’s comfortable for you to do so, complete the meditation with your eyes closed. When you've reached the end of the meditation video, complete the activity below:

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