Aerial sea photo Ruth Troughton

Your sightings are helping make a difference to our ocean. We use scientific data, like this, to campaign for real change in the way we manage and protect our seas.

Your contributions make a difference

People from all over the country have been contributing to scientific research by telling us what they spotted on their trip to the coast.

A huge thank you to all of you who report your sightings. By telling us what you spotted, we are able to discover more about the health of our oceans.


Jellyfish sightings reported from June 2021-May 2022

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A deeper dive


We work with universities to publish the data collected as part of this project. If you fancy a deeper dive into our wildlife sightings, the latest published paper can be found here.


We are a leading partner in The UK Turtle Implementation Group. Together with other organisations, we publish an annual report of marine turtle sightings.

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