Wet wipe on Hayle Beach Cornwall Natasha Ewins

Our seas are swimming in wet wipes - help us take action

Our seas are swimming in wet wipes containing plastic. Once they start to break down they're killing marine wildlife and clogging up our beaches. Help us call for urgent action.

Our supporters regularly find our beaches swimming in wet wipes – in 2020 alone our volunteers found an average of 18 wet wipes per 100m of UK coastline, making them the third most common litter item polluting our beaches.

There needs to be a move towards less disposable products and we urge people to use reusable products where possible to cut down on waste and pollution, but we understand that wet wipes make a difference to improved quality of life for many, so a complete ban isn't practical. 

We believe consumers need help to do the right thing and there needs to be a shift to placing the responsibility for this onto manufacturers and suppliers and that’s why we’re asking for your help to call on members of UK parliament to support Fleur Anderson MP on Tuesday, November 2, when she introduces a bill calling for plastic to be banned in wet wipes.

Join us in calling for urgent action from your MP and ask them to support MP Fleur Anderson's bill to ban plastic from wet wipes; to protect our ocean, our beaches and the precious marine wildlife found there.

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