Cornwall seascape, Sam Mansfield

Save ocean protections

Will you email your MP asking them to support environmental protections, for the sake of our seas?

Safeguard our seas

The Retained EU Law (REUL) Bill, currently being considered by Members of Parliament, could undo crucial environmental laws safeguarding our seas.

Meanwhile, sewage is pouring into our seas, while seagrass meadows, kelp forests, and reefs are disappearing. We need to build on the protections we have, not weaken them.

We must ensure that the REUL Bill protects our ocean and does not allow a chain reaction to be kickstarted, putting more species and habitats under pressure as a result.

In the face of climate and nature crises, the health and protection of our ocean is paramount.

Will you email your MP?

The House of Lords supported changes to the Bill that would stop environmental laws from being watered down and ensure any new laws are only passed following a thorough process of scrutiny and consultation.

To protect our blue planet MPs must do the same, and we need your help.

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