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Marine UnProtected Areas

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England's offshore Marine Protected Areas must be properly protected. Inadequate protections mean our seas continue to be damaged and degraded as fishing gear is ploughed through them.

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The problem



of UK's offshore seabed MPAs experience fishing activity



of UK’s seabed MPAs legally ban bottom-towed fishing gear



of fishing, including bottom trawling, in Dogger Bank MPA from 2021-22

Many Marine Protected Areas are vital feeding and nesting grounds. Current damaging fishing practices in these areas are destroying habitats and the marine life that rely on them.

As the seabed is trawled, carbon is released into the water, where it can make its way into the atmosphere and could ultimately contribute to climate change.

Our research

Our research shows that Marine Protected Areas simply aren't protecting our marine habitats.

Dr Jean-Luc Solandt, Principle Specialist in MPAs

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