Grey Seals in the surf Loch Eriboll Scotland Kirsty Andrews

Marine Protected Areas

We're calling for at least 30% of the ocean to be highly or fully protected by 2030, to allow our ocean to recover and thrive once more.

Our experts have been working on getting more, better, Marine Protected Areas for nearly 40 years.

Marine Protected Areas are like underwater national parks, acting as sanctuaries for rare or threatened animals, plants and landscapes. They're a vital tool in safeguarding our ocean's future. We work in the UK to designate these areas and make sure these vulnerable habitats are being protected.

The Marine Protected Area (MPA) Reality Checker is a tool which maps out MPAs and areas of conservation around the UK, showing what fishing activity is happening in our protected seas and beyond.

Our Seasearch diving project is vital in helping to understand what's happening in our waters. Records from divers have already made a big difference to how much we know about British and Irish marine life.