Grey Seal at Farne Islands Mark Kirkland

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Applying treatments on reefs afected by SCTLD

1 Apr 2021

Cayman Islands expand protected areas

Our friends in the Cayman Islands have shown great resilience in their ambitions to protect wildlife and habitats.

Fucoid seaweed Georgie Bull

16 Mar 2021

Using microalgae in sustainable aquaculture

A healthy diet should include at least two portions of fish a week, including one of oily fish. Could microalgae be in the answer?

Acanthastrea Coral Tyler Fix

16 Mar 2021

Six facts about corals

Most people think corals are plants, but they are actually animals related to jellyfish. Here are six more facts you (probably) didn’t know about corals.

Fish farm from the air Pasta Design

16 Mar 2021

Is Scottish farmed salmon sustainable?

Why does the salmon farming industry in Scotland, as currently operated, pose serious environmental concerns?

Wet wipe on beach Natasha Ewins

11 Mar 2021

Can I flush it?

What we flush down the toilet can have a harmful impact on our marine environment.

Fishing boats in St Ives Cornwall Natasha Ewins

11 Mar 2021

How cameras on boats could help end overfishing

Over 40% of assessed fish populations are subject to overfishing, ranking UK fisheries among the most heavily exploited in the world.

Clothes in a washing machine Werayuth Tes

11 Mar 2021

Slow fashion and reducing my impact

Many of our clothes are made of tiny plastic microfibres which pollute the ocean with every wash and wear.

Plastic litter in the sea Rich Carey

11 Mar 2021

Cutting back on plastic in the kitchen

I’m committed to learning and proactively doing as much as possible to reduce my impact and do my part to support a more sustainable world for everyone.

Salmon fish farm nets in Loch Awe Arygll and Bute Richard Johnson

10 Mar 2021

Perspectives on responsible aquaculture

If there’s not enough seafood to go around, should we downgrade the health advice or set about producing more seafood?

Boats in Salcombe Bay Devon Natasha Ewins

10 Mar 2021

Our latest Good Fish Guide ratings are out!

Today sees the launch of the latest update to our Good Fish Guide sustainable seafood ratings.

Plastic bottle floats in the Pacific Ocean Ethan Daniels

4 Mar 2021

Cutting back on plastic in the bathroom

Cutting out plastic from your life is a positive step that everyone can take.

Seagrass bed Georgie Bull

28 Feb 2021

A mission to protect seagrass beds in southern England

On World Seagrass Day 2021, our Sea Champion Clare from Plymouth explains what inspired her to study sea beds in southern England.

Can left on the beach Luke Manley

25 Feb 2021

Teaching kids to care: plastic-free parties

Kids easily identify with the plight of animals and sea life, they’re so aware of the scourge of plastic pollution filling our oceans.

Cooked prawns  Mateusz Gzik

25 Feb 2021

Are prawns a good environmental choice?

We Brits love our prawns – in fact, we love them so much they make into our top five seafood choices alongside salmon, cod, haddock and tuna.

Big Seaweed Search Rockpool

25 Feb 2021

Join the Big Seaweed Search

UK coasts and shallow seas are nicknamed a “goldilocks” zone for seaweeds - it is not too hot, not too cold for them.

Lion's Mane Jellyfish Farne Islands Scotland Kirsty Andrews

25 Feb 2021

Jellyfish superstars you can spot on UK shores

We’ve rounded up some of the jellyfish you’re most likely to spot on the UK coastline.

Microplastics nurdles in hand Matt Barnes

24 Feb 2021

What are nurdles and why are they a problem?

Nurdles are small pellets used to make nearly all the plastic products we buy.

Fishing boats in Folkestone Harbour UK Tim M

24 Feb 2021

What is Remote Electronic Monitoring?

One of the most effective ways to improve fisheries management is to roll out remote electronic monitoring with cameras.

Octopus on seabed, Scotland - SCOTLAND: The Big Picture

18 Feb 2021

Using your signature to bring about change

For campaigns and petitions to bring about change, we need to consider if our goals can be practically achieved.

Coronavirus rubbish 2.jpg

18 Feb 2021

Reflections on rubbish: cleaning up during coronavirus

In these grim coronavirus-dominated days it’s easy to lose hope, bound, not just by four walls, but mentally shut in too. It can feel a bit rubbish!