Southsea Beachwatch, Summer clean

shanelle kohler

All of our events are arranged in line with national and local government Covid guidance. Please ensure that you know and understand the current rules.

  • Beach stretch:

    Southsea End (Rock Gardens)

  • Date and time:

    3 Sep 2022, 10 a.m. to noon

  • Meeting point:

    Southsea beach in front of the rock gardens (next to the Briny)

  • Capacity:

    30 volunteers - 0 spaces left

  • School friendly?


A map showing the Southsea End (Rock Gardens) beach stretch plotted on it

How it works:

1. Please read the health and safety, PLUS the Covid-19 guidance below

2. Find us at the meeting point from 10am! We have limited litter pickers and gloves, plus bags which you may borrow, but we advise that you bring your own if you have them

3. Get cleaning! (If you cannot make it for 10am, feel free to join later at any time before 11:15)

4. Please bring your rubbish back by 11:45 so that we can weigh it before it is collected at 12


Health and Safety:

- ALWAYS use gloves of pickers to pick up rubbish 

- ALWAYS ask a co-ordinator to pick up any needles for you (its rare we find any, but we have a special sharps bin)

- ALWAYS be mindful of what you have put in your bags (they are thin) if there is anything sharp inside watch your legs while walking and inform our volunteers when you hand it back

- NEVER touch any washed up animals (They are part of nature’s ecosystem, let nature dispose of it)

- ALWAYS cover any dog poo with stones rather than trying to pick it up (dog poop carries certain human pathogens)

- ALWAYS walk around the pier, never under it 

-  NEVER walk on the big rocks by the Pyramids, they get slippery

- ALWAYS mind the water’s edge and keep an eye on the tides

- ALWAYS wear sturdy shoes (no open toes/sandals). Be mindful of the weather. make sure you are wrapped up warm.


We like to reduce the number of bags we use. If you would like to bring a bucket/gardening bag/sturdy reusable bag please do! At the end we will tip them all into one of our white bags for weighing.

Remember: Your dogs are very welcome to help out! But be mindful of the months that dogs are not allowed onto the beach (you could always stick to the promenade if that’s the case)



Please refer to the guidelines in your area for full details of current restrictions

Hand sanitiser will be available at all cleans and should be used before borrowing any of our equipment and when the event has finished. Gloves and litter pickers will be cleaned after each event.

Also worth knowing…

What to bring: We’d recommend you pack a rucksack with a few essentials like sunscreen, waterproofs, hand sanitiser, and perhaps some snacks and a drink (in a reusable bottle, of course).

What to wear: If you're picking up litter with your hands it's worth wearing a strong pair of gloves - like gardening gloves - just to make sure you're protected. Sturdy shoes are a must for protection too.

Under 16s: To comply with our insurance, volunteers under 16 will need to be accompanied by an adult who will be asked to sign a parental / guardian consent form on the day by the beach clean organiser. 

Sorry, there are no spaces remaining